Watching her made me want to become a physical therapist

I have both a leader and an issue that has inspired me deeply as to why I want to get involved in the medical field. Two years ago, I was playing football for New Rochelle. It was the last play of the game and I was sent out for a pass play.  I ran to the end zone and jumped for the ball while one of the cornerbacks attempted to swipe the ball from me.  He ended up landing on top of me while I landed on my shoulder on the ground.  From there I got an MRI for the injury and the orthopedist didn’t find anything wrong when reading the disc.  I then transferred from New Rochelle High School to Mamaroneck High School where I continued my wrestling career.  I would experience very sharp pains occasionally while wrestling. I’m tough so I didn’t think much of it and thought it would just go away.  Till early January when I was wrestling at a tournament , I couldn’t continue wrestling in a match because of how much pain I was in.  My coaches, family, and I knew there was something very wrong.  I got another MRI and my orthopedist found out that I had torn my labrum.  I had gotten surgery a couple weeks later and was sent to Professional Physical Therapy in Equinox in Mamaroneck.  My Physical Therapist’s name is Melanie.  She was very sweet and kind when she would tell me what to do and she was very gentle when she would massage my shoulder.  Watching her work and help others while I was doing my therapy was amazing.  Watching the elderly become so content because of the amazing work she would do with them, helping them get their strength back to where they lacked. I love to help. I’m very respectful, kind, patient and genuine. I love to make others happy and joyful and watching her make others feel that made me want to become a physical therapist.  Two years later after the surgery and physical therapy I’ve become one of the most successful wrestlers in Mamaroneck wrestling history.  I’m the third person ever to be a section champion for Mamaroneck.  I accomplished that a couple weeks ago and last year I was the first All-Section sophomore. I wouldn’t be able to have done these accomplishments if it weren’t for Dr. Delamora, my orthopedist or my physical therapist, Melanie.  They are one of the inspirations as to why I want to pursue a career in medicine.