Wonders do happen

I had a very extensive knee revision and replacement on my injured knee. My first knee replacement, I was up and in a few days. This surgery was a nightmare of recovery from August to October. Non-weight bearing, wheelchair and locked knee in a brace. October 1st, I got the ok for Physical Therapy. Professional Physical Therapy was recommended by my Doctor. I choose the East 84 Street location. I was taken there by wheelchair. I was greeted by the front desk, I felt relief. I had an evaluation with the clinical director, Audrey. A program was created for me, and I had three sessions per week. I also committed to the home program. This was all very intense for me, after being so idle. The therapists follow in Audrey’s steps. Empathy and positive encouragement were the greatest. Alyssa became one of the key therapists in my recovery. Whenever I visited, Audrey promised me she would get me out of the wheelchair. They helped me and by Thanksgiving Day, I was walking with a cane. I never gave up only because of their confidence in my recovery. I am also in PT for a torn rotator cuff. I know I am seeing a huge improvement. I wanted to and I do walk about two miles almost everyday. The TLC and empathy to all the patients is remarkable. Doctors are great and lay the foundation. The physical therapy is the main part of recovery. I am so very grateful to the team at the East 84 Street location. I must add that Audrey speaks to the staff in such a professional manner. The atmosphere is positive.  I wish anyone who chooses Professional Physical Therapy a speedy recovery!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐