You got a sense that everyone working were part of a team

My name is Chris and this note is meant to tell the “home office” just how great the team in your Amesbury office is.  Unfortunately I have had many many orthopedic surgeries that have brought me to a number of PT services, including yours some time back.  My point being that I am well qualified to evaluate PT services.

From the reception/scheduling desk to the professionals who treated me they all were just fabulous.  The atmosphere in the facility was just a comfortable one where you got a sense that everyone working on a particular day were part of a team. Not just a collection of employees.

I would be remiss not singling out Zach who worked with me.  I had my right hip replaced for the 5th time and the second time since last December in a 5 hour operation.  When I started I was barely able to walk from my car to my appointment.  Today I am working out everyday, walking a golf course (up until last week) and have regained my confidence in my body.

Zach knows his stuff but more importantly he has a great sense of people.  His training told him what exercises to utilize but it was his talent/skill in connecting with me that made this all work.

That is a good team in Amesbury.