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AposHealth® is an innovative, personalized and FDA-cleared, temporary treatment for knee osteoarthritis, while qualifying as a non FDA-cleared wellness device for use with other musculoskeletal conditions such as low back pain.

With just one hour a day, AposHealth® biomechanically addresses the underlying causes of pain by shifting pressure away from impacted areas.

The neuromuscular re-education of the muscles results in improvement in physical function even when not actively wearing the device.

Relieving pain is as easy as putting on your shoes

AposHealth® is clinically proven to relieve pain, improve daily function and enhance quality of life.

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AposHealth® results

Over 100,000 people worldwide have been treated with AposHealth®. According to follow-up surveys, AposHealth® patients are satisfied with the results.

  • 98% of patients said that they would recommend AposHealth® to friends and family.
  • 87% of AposHealth® of patients said they expected to delay or avoid surgery based on the initial results 1
  • 83% reported more than a 50% reduction in pain compared to 42% in the control group 2


1. Survey of 165 patients conducted by a British health insurance company

2. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/article-abstract/2765729

See real patients before and after AposHealth®

The AposHealth® program

As part of the AposHealth® treatment program, a specially trained AposHealth® clinician assesses your condition and walking patterns with the help of a computerized walking analysis program. Based on the results, the clinician custom-calibrates your very own AposHealth® footworn device.

You’ll wear the AposHealth® device while going about your regular activities, for about an hour a day. It’s as easy as putting it on after work for an hour or so, while walking around the house or cooking a meal.

How Professional's AposHealth® Works

AposHealth® works on two basic principles

By realigning and correcting the movements causing pain, AposHealth® eliminates much of the pain by improving your body’s mechanics and coordination.

Body Mechanics

As you walk, the device shifts the burden away from the painful area, providing relief.


Over time, wearing the device improves the muscular control around your leg joints to retain a healthier walking style – even while you’re not using the device.

AposHealth® highlights.

A potential alternative to surgery. AposHealth® treats not only the pain, but also the underlying biomechanical problems.

Beyond convenient. Rather than adjusting your life to treatment, this is a treatment that adapts to you.

Clinically proven. Extensive clinical evidence and dozens of studies have found that AposHealth® treatment significantly decreases pain and improves function.

Easy to comply with. Follow-up surveys have found high patient satisfaction and compliance rates.

AposHealth® retrains your muscles as you walk, teaching your body to adopt a healthy, comfortable walking style – even when not wearing the device.

AposHealth® is an FDA-cleared, temporary treatment for knee osteoarthritis, while qualifying as a non FDA-cleared wellness device for use with other musculoskeletal conditions such as low back pain which is personalized for you by a specially trained AposHealth® clinician.

It’s safe. AposHealth® is clinically-proven, drug-free and non-invasive.

You’re in good hands. Your AposHealth® clinician personalizes your treatment program and closely monitors your pathway of care throughout the process.

Who is suitable for AposHealth® treatment?

  •     Do you suffer from nagging knee and back pain?
  •     Are you taking any medicine for the pain?
  •     Do you have limited mobility?
  •     Does it feel like you’ve already tried everything?
  •     Are you looking for a non-surgical approach?
  •     Have you been diagnosed with knee or low back pain?

If the answer is yes, you could be a good candidate for AposHealth®.


“They fitted me with my shoes and spent a lot of time adjusting them to make sure they were just right for me and that walking was very comfortable…I gradually was able to start to wear them outside of the house and to start walking in the park again, which is huge for me so it’s great.”

Justeen, Brooklyn NY, Torn Meniscus


“Out of everything that I’ve done in the past two years for some kind of treatment – this has been the most effective for me.”

Robert LaSalle  


“I like the part that its scientific because I can actually see my progress. He [the clinician] showed me today what I did from day one to today. My velocity was like 60 to 70 and now it’s like 105 – and I can definitely feel it.”

Summer Dion Roper, NY


“They actually analyze every aspect of how you walk. Not only your spacing but how your feet land, how your knees turn—do they turn in or do they turn out—and then making that adjustment to your shoes. And even after you wear them for while you start walking differently and they have to analyze that and make constant adjustments to it.”

Charlie, Marine Corp combat veteran 


“I never believed in the silver bullet, but progress has been made on both the knee and the back.”

Jim Hertz, 80 years old


“One of the neatest things that I’ve ever gotten involved in…until you feel it yourself it’s hard to describe.”

Rex Thayer, US 


FDA clearance.

AposHealth® is an FDA-cleared medical device for treating knee osteoarthritis and a non FDA-cleared wellness device for use with other musculoskeletal conditions such as low back pain.

What makes the AposHealth® treatment so successful?

The reason AposHealth® has worked for so many patients is that it is personalized to each one’s specific needs. The process begins with a full, in-depth clinical consultation on the patient’s problem joints, pain levels and day-to-day restrictions. This evaluation forms the basis of a personalized, one-hour-a-day treatment program, which blends effortlessly into the patient’s daily life.


What is the technology behind AposHealth®?

AposHealth® treatment includes a personally-adjusted, foot-worn biomechanical device that includes Pods – convex sole attachments under your forefoot and heel. Your clinician selects and positions the most suitable under-sole “pertupods” to realign your body, release pressure from your painful joints and retrain your muscles through controlled micro-instability.


What do AposHealth® consultations include?

During your initial consultation, your clinician will perform several examinations in order to personalize the treatment program to your unique needs.

Over time, as you continue to use the AposHealth® device, your body’s natural biomechanics should improve dramatically – your muscles and posture should become stronger and healthier. As a result, your foot-worn AposHealth® device will need to be readjusted to fit your improved walking patterns.

Therefore, your therapist will continually reassess your program at follow-up appointments. During follow-up visits, you will repeat many of the examinations you did at the initial consultation and, when necessary, your AposHealth® device will be adjusted and your personalized treatment program updated, to ensure you reach optimal outcomes.


What does the computerized walking analysis check?

Joint and muscle pain typically cause the sufferer to compensate by changing their walking patterns. Stride gets shorter, walking speed decreases and the patient avoids putting weight on the painful area. As a result, the sufferer may limp, but not necessarily in an obvious manner.

At your initial consultation, a computerized gait analysis will provide an objective, scientific assessment of the way you walk – including load distribution on each leg, stride length, gait symmetry and more. This, along with the rest of the assessment, enables the clinician to customize the AposHealth® program to your unique needs and objectively compare your progress throughout the treatment.


Do I have to exercise with AposHealth®?

No. AposHealth® transforms your normal routine into a positive and simple rehabilitation process. The treatment aligns your body and re-educates your muscles with minimal interruption to daily life. In fact, you likely won’t feel as if you’re working your muscles at all – you’ll just gradually notice improvement. Exercise, in addition to AposHealth®, is helpful and your trained AposHealth® clinician can advise you on which exercises are best for you.


Do I have to set time aside for AposHealth®?

AposHealth® fits seamlessly into your everyday life and takes place wherever you are – at home, work or outside. You only need to wear the device for about an hour a day. The treatment is easy to comply with, fits with your lifestyle and lets you decide the time and place.


How long does the AposHealth® treatment process last?

The personalized treatment program continues for an average of 12 months. The amount of time for you will depend on your specific clinical needs.

The process includes an initial visit to a trained AposHealth® clinician for a consultation, which typically lasts up to 1.5 hours, and then 3 to 5 follow-up appointments, which typically last for about an hour each.


How long before improvement is felt?

Many patients say they feel some pain relief when trying the AposHealth® device for the first time. In a survey of people who had been suffering for an average of 6 years, patients reported reduced pain within 4 weeks of starting AposHealth® (1). A clinical study that monitored patients for two years indicates a lasting effect of AposHealth® (2). As with any medical intervention, individual results may vary and it can take a good 6 months to start to notice the improvements.

  1. Independent survey conducted by Network Research in Nov., 2009 amongst 150 AposHealth® patients.
  2. 2. Bar-Ziv Y. et al. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 2010:15(Suppl. C):C83


How long does symptom relief last?

New data about the long-term benefits of AposHealth® continues to emerge. One recent clinical trial reexamined osteoarthritis patients two years after the original study had shown reduced pain and improved knee joint function with AposHealth®. The follow up found significant pain relief (63%) and improved knee joint function (65%) even after 24 months (1).

  1. Bar-Ziv Y. et al. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2010;11:179.


Who is not suitable for AposHealth® treatment?

Generally, the AposHealth® treatment is not suitable for individuals who:

  •       Have unexplained, recurring falls
  •       Experience balance problems (that require using a walking aid indoors)
  •       Suffer from especially severe osteoporosis


Is AposHealth® safe?

Yes. AposHealth® is non-surgical and drug-free. It is FDA-cleared as a medical device for treating knee OA and qualifies as a wellness device for treating other musculoskeletal conditions, including low back pain. AposHealth® is appropriate for most patients of all ages, including elderly patients. All AposHealth® patients are assessed for suitability and continuously monitored. Clinical experience indicates that any side effects are minimal and rare and may manifest in mild fatigue and muscle spasms. In rare cases where these appear, they pass very quickly as treatment progresses.


Does AposHealth® work?

Clinical studies published in leading medical journals indicate significant reductions in pain and substantial improvements in joint function and quality of life following AposHealth® treatment.

Developed by experts in orthopedics and sports medicine, AposHealth® offers a safe and effective new approach for treatment.

AposHealth® has already treated over 100,000 patients worldwide with positive results in patient satisfaction surveys.

We will work in an effective way to get you back on your feet, focused on your wellness during and after therapy.