custom hand splinting.

What are custom splints?

Following an injury or surgery, custom splints can be a valuable part of the recovery plan. Custom splints are fabricated by a certified hand therapist. They are made of thermoplastic material that is heated and molded to custom fit each individual.

Splints provide immobilization and stability of the targeted joint which allows healing. Splints allow for fluctuation of swelling in the acute (early or most difficult) recovery phase. Splints can be static, static progressive or Dynamic.


Conditions treated by custom splinting

Splints are often applied after a surgical procedure and are useful for a variety of acute orthopedic conditions such as:

  • Fractures
  • Reduced joint dislocations
  • Sprains
  • Severe soft tissue injuries
  • Post-laceration repairs
  • Joint stiffness

Types of splints


Static Splints

Static splints have no moving parts. They can be used for support, protection, or correction. Static splints are removable for cleaning and accommodate changes in inflammation well. They are used to rest or protect a healing injury, give stability to allow greater functional use and to decrease pain.

Static Progressive Splints

Static progressive splints have no moving parts. They apply a constant force at a joint to hold the joint at the end range position (or immobilized position). Maintaining this position will help to improve range of motion.

Static progressive splints can be remolded or adjusted at increased angles as the patient increases their range of motion. They are often worn at night while sleeping or for scheduled times during the day.

static progressive splints
Dynamic splints

Dynamic Splints

Dynamic splints have a static base with an elastic component that moves such as springs, coils or elastic bands. They put tension on a joint to increase range of motion.

They can also be used to assist in gaining motion or they can be used to help assist for weak or paralyzed muscles. The tension of the dynamic component can be adjusted based on the patient’s needs.

benefits of a custom splint.

  • Patients can remove their protective splint to begin early prescribed exercise programs to restore range of motion.
  • Removability for exercise limits stiffness and decreases the time needed to return to previous functional levels.
  • Ability to clean the extremity and care for an open wound.
  • Allows for common fluctuation of inflammation that occurs post injury or surgery.
  • Static progressive and dynamic splints help increase desired range of motion.

Contact a Certified Hand Therapist today

If you believe that you could benefit from custom splinting, please request an appointment at Professional. One of our certified hand therapists will evaluate your condition and inform you whether you could benefit from a custom splint.

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