ergonomic workplace solutions.

Professional Physical Therapy’s Workplace Solutions Program

Professional Physical Therapy’s Workplace Solutions Program is an essential tool for organizations striving to keep their employees safe, healthy and on the job.

Workplace Safety
Instances and severity of injury
Employee productivity and performance
Number of claims
Employee satisfaction and engagement

Program Includes:

Onsite Physical and Hand Therapy Services

A personalized assessment by one of our licensed clinicians at the organization’s location

Program is customized for the injured worker, based on their specific tasks and physical demands

Transitional Return-to-Work Programs

Job Coaching and Physical Reconditioning/Work Conditioning Program

Simulation of daily job tasks (2-3 hours of continuous work duties)

Learning proper mechanics for job function (e.g., sitting or lifting postures)

Injury Prevention Education

Teaches employees and their managers how to proactively address risk

Education is based specifically on the employee’s job tasks and recordable work history

Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET)

Testing done on potential new hires after a job offer is made, to determine their ability to safely meet the physical demands of the job

ADA/EEOC compliant

Onsite Wellness and Injury Prevention Coaching

A Professional Physical Therapy clinician observes and coaches the employee during a normal work day, to ensure they are safely performing their tasks.

Early Symptom Intervention

Assessment of pain or discomfort by a clinical musculoskeletal specialist

Pain management, in compliance with OSHA First Aid Guidelines

Valuable tips on managing OSHA 300 recordables

Healthy Employees are an Organization’s Most Valuable Asset!

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Why is ergonomics important?

Ergonomics is the process of fitting a workplace to the needs of the worker, rather than the other way around. The goal of ergonomics is to increase efficiency and productivity by reducing workers’ physical discomfort. This could involve aspects of your workday that may seem relatively minor, like eye strain, desk height, and wrist angle while typing.

Many jobs require their workers to lead sedentary lifestyles from 9-5, and that’s not ideal for your health. Ergonomics is concerned with introducing movement to your workday, striking a balance between sitting and standing, and getting the blood flowing.

Whether you’re an individual or represent an organization or corporation, learn how Professional can help!

Most workplace injuries are not due to slips, falls or accidents. The most common workplace injuries are strains and sprains which occur through overuse of certain muscles.

For individuals comprehensive programs are designed to help, or prevent, an injury as well as assist with your return to work after an injury.

For corporations, Professional’s workplace solutions may be able to help you reduce workers’ compensation premiums and claims. Learn about our work station assessments, functional capacity evaluations and reconditioning/work hardening programs.

Patient consultation for workplace solutions program.


If you’re noticing aches and pains during your normal work week, it may be due to overuse of certain muscles. Learn how Professional can help!

Overuse injuries (i.e., Musculoskeletal Disorders) can occur when your body is stressed by:

  •     An awkward posture
  •     Uncomfortable work environment (e.g., temperature, lighting, or workstation set-up)
  •     Repetition of movement

When your musculoskeletal system is affected by these movements or conditions, you may begin to develop symptoms such as pain, fatigue, and discomfort.

As a participant in Professional’s ergonomic assessment, you will be evaluated and guided by one of our certified allied health professionals, who will prepare you to effectively and efficiently perform your daily tasks and job functions in a safe and healthy manner.

Our programs are individualized and comprehensive, and can be designed to:

  •     Help you with a current injury
  •     Aid with your return to the workplace after an Injury
  •     Prevent future damage


If you’re interested in improving workplace productivity while increasing worker safety and reducing your company’s Worker’s Compensation premiums and claims, Professional’s Workplace Solutions may be the answer for you.

More and more, companies are going to great lengths to improve the ergonomics of their offices. This includes adding standing desks, so workers don’t have to sit all day, swapping out traditional chairs for exercise balls, so people can engage their core while they work, adding mouse pads with wrist rests to prevent wrist strain, and much more.

With approximately $1 out of every $3 in workers’ compensation costs attributed to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), paying attention to good ergonomics can potentially save your company a lot of money. Employees notice when their company is investing in their health and safety, and a thoughtful approach to ergonomics demonstrates your company’s commitment to safety and health as a core value.

Whether you’re an individual looking to minimize your discomfort at work, or a company looking to improve the ergonomics of your workspace, we’ve got you covered.

Ergonomic Work Station Assessment

Our highly trained and certified allied healthcare professionals can offer your employees an Ergonomic Work Station Assessment that will not only reduce workplace injuries, but increase employee productivity as well.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Customized Workstation Analysis
  • Modifications to Work Habits, reducing aches & pains
  • Improved Work Posture
  • Self-stretching Programs

Functional Capacity Evaluation

At Professional, we are able to offer a full complement of tests to assess each injured person’s ability to Return to Work.

These tests include:

  • Musculoskeletal Screening
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Static Strength Positions
  • Carry and Lift Test (if applicable)
  • PILE Test (Progressive Isoinertial Lifting Evaluation)
  • Organic and Non-organic Pain Questionnaires

Reconditioning/Work Hardening Program

Sometimes completing rehabilitation after an injury just isn’t enough.  Before your employees return to work, you should be able to gauge their ability to function in a workplace setting at the same capacity as before the injury.

Professional’s Re-conditioning/Work Hardening Program is custom-designed based on OSHA job protocols and/or company-specific job descriptions, preparing your employees to perform their job duties more efficiently.

Programs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Mimic of daily job duties (2-3 hours of continuous work duties)
  • Learning proper mechanics for job function (e.g., sitting or lifting postures)
  • Basic strength and cardiovascular training

These components, performed under the care of one of our certified allied healthcare professionals, will help the de-conditioned employee acclimate to work quicker, while learning how to prevent further injury.

To learn more about the benefits of Professional’s Ergonomic and Workplace Solutions Programs, or to set up a demonstration, contact:

Devon Taylor  MS, ATC, CSCS, USAW, CEAS, CWcHP at or ask your PT!

We will work in an effective way to get you back on your feet, focused on your wellness during and after therapy.