If you’re noticing aches and pains during your normal work week, it may be due to overuse of certain muscles. Learn how Professional can help!

Overuse injuries (i.e., Musculoskeletal Disorders) can occur when your body is stressed by:

  • An Awkward Posture
  • Uncomfortable Work Environment (e.g., temperature, lighting, or workstation set-up)
  • Repetition of Movement

When your musculoskeletal system is affected by these movements or conditions, you may begin to develop symptoms such as pain, fatigue, and discomfort.

As a participant in Professional’s Ergonomic Assessment, you will be evaluated and guided by one of our certified allied health professionals, who will prepare you to effectively and efficiently perform your daily tasks and job functions in a safe and healthy manner.

Our programs are individualized and comprehensive, and can be designed to:

  • Help you with a Current Injury
  • Aid with your Return to the Workplace after an Injury
  • Prevent Future Damage