What is Hand Therapy?

The American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT) defines hand therapy as “the art and science of rehabilitation of the upper extremity of the human body, which includes the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder girdle.”

Hand therapists are occupational therapists or physical therapists who, through extra training and experience, have specialized knowledge of upper extremity function. Using specialized skills in assessment and treatment, hand therapists work with their clients to prevent injury or impairment, restore functional activity, and enhance participation in daily life.

A qualified hand therapist can evaluate and treat any problem relative to the upper extremities. The hand therapist can effectively treat and rehabilitate the patient through postoperative rehabilitation, preventative, non-operative, or conservative treatment, or industry consultation. The therapist works closely with the physician and patient to provide a continuum of care. This often starts within days of the injury or surgery right through to the patient’s return to work and/or a productive lifestyle.

Locations offering Hand Therapy:

New York



Lauren Conheeney OTR, CHT

Ozzie Melhado OTR

W. 52nd St.

Todd Bryson OTR, CHT

Ozzie Melhado OTR

Stephanie Wu MS, OTR, CHT



Great Neck

Anna Chow PT, CHT


Richard G. Scalise OTR, CHT

Mary Flaherty OTR, CHT


Sejal P. Parikh OTR, CHT

Heather Anderson OTR

Long Beach

Jaclyn R. Quinn OTR, CHT

Merrick HT

Nancy Marder OTR, CHT

Grace Budde OTR

Michael Saraceno OTR CHT

Rockville Centre

Richard G. Scalise OTR, CHT

Jaclyn R. Quinn OTR, CHT

Alyssa Gianotti OTR/L



Bay Shore

Kristen Kaplan OTR

Bay Shore HT

Alexandra Demetriou OTR, CHT

Robyn McKenna COTA


Sejal P. Parikh OTR, CHT

Evan Ludin OTR, CHT

Daniel Crowe OTR/L


Karen Bartlett OTR, CHT


Robert Klare PT, CHT

Jessica Wesley PT, CHT

Lori Kloiber-Staco OTR, CHT

Evan Ludin OTR, CHT


Joanne Kassimir OTR, CHT

Jonathan Tianchon MS, OTR/L

Port Jefferson

Robert Wilutis OTR, CHT

John Gianfortone OTR, CHT

Jessica Van Epps OTR, CHT


Michelle Scarcello OTR/L

Meghan Clifton OTR/L

Laura Raymond PT, CHT

Christine Adan PT


Karen Bartlett OTR, CHT


Karen Bartlett OTR, CHT

Michelle Scarcello OTR

Elizabeth Sanchez COTA

Kristine Raab PT




Joanna Spivack OTR/L, CHT

New Rochelle

Karina Manzano, OTR/L, CHT


New Jersey


Rachael Kim MS, OTR/L


Mollie L. Sherman OTR, CHT

Hackensack / River St.

Deana Swanson OTR/L, CHT

Lacey Silvano OTR


Natalie Hrynkiewicz MS, OTR/L

Mollie L. Sherman OTR, CHT


Sheena Pasricha OT, CHT

Morristown / Madison Ave.

Kara Ghedina OT, CHT

Suet Lim OTR, CHT

Christin Herrington OTR, CHT

Nutley (Midtown)

Ryan Wysocki OTR/L


Doris Schanzer OTR, CHT


Jessie Perchaluk OTR/L


Jyoti Mehta OTR, CHT

Victoria Majcher OTR, CHT

Brian Lee OTR

West Orange / Northfield Ave.

Marian Moran OTD, OTR, CHT

Pauline Gasparro OTR


Hand Therapy Mentorship Program

Professional’s Hand Therapy Mentorship Program is designed for Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists at all stages of experience including new graduates who are looking to gain clinical knowledge of how to treat hand-related injuries, and for those experienced therapists looking to expand their clinical practice knowledge. The program works through the disciplines required to prepare clinicians for the Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) exam.

Program Details

Professional’s Hand Therapy Mentorship Program is an 11 month clinically-based program, with onsite training and education with a CHT mentor to gain proficiency in the evaluation and treatment of hand therapy. The program includes:

  • Manual Skill Training
  • Splinting Workshops
  • Surgeon Lectures
  • Journal Clubs
  • Medbridge Hand Therapy Learning Tracks
  • Monthly Clinical Outline, focuses on specific topics that include:
    • Hands-on-experience
    • Detailed learning documents
    • Monthly readings from The Rehab of the Hand textbook and peer-rated journal articles, as well as other timely articles
    • Open-ended discussion group calls to discuss study material and methods of study. The call is moderated by a different CHT each month, allowing the student to learn from different perspectives.

Professional’s Hand Therapy Mentorship Program is well-known for its interactive learning forum. Each participant, under the supervision of a mentor, benefits from their guidance and expertise, as well as the collaborative nature of the organization.