aquatic therapy.

What is Aquatic Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy in the water. Aquatic therapy uses the buoyancy of the water as a comfortable place to participate in exercises that may be too difficult to be outside of the water.


Benefits of aquatics

The natural pressure of the pool leads to a decrease in pain for patients recovering from an injury and/or surgery. Water buoyancy also results in decreased pressure and weight bearing on joints, while deep water exercises are completely non-weight bearing. Since patients don’t work with a single exercise machine, therapists are able to design workout programs that treat multiple body parts within the same session, leading to less time in the office.

Types of therapy

Different types of exercise programs include Burdenko method, which uses a combination of both water and land exercises, then there is the combination of deep and shallow water exercise. Exercises that may be implemented include: gait and balance activities, general LE/UE/core strengthening exercises, functional strengthening, as well as UE/LE stretching.

Injuries treated

Lower Pain – Including strains, stenosis, sciatica, disc herniation, status post-surgical interventions
Lower Extremity Pain – Including strains, arthritis, total joint replacements, general surgical repairs
Upper Extremity Pain – Including strains, rotator cuff repairs, and other general surgical repairs
Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) with multiple injuries
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Patients with decreased balance and/or endurance
General Deconditioning

Locations offering Aquatic Therapy

Copiague, NY

Dartmouth, MA

Leominster, MA

Our aquatic physical therapy programs

Membership: Exercise independently in our heated therapy pool. Aquatic exercise will improve muscle strength and endurance, increase range of motion and flexibility, increased balance and coordination, increased cardiovascular function and increased blood circulation.

Fit & Swim Class: Under the guidance of a certified Aquatics leader, this Aqua Arthritis class will help reduce pain in the muscles & decrease swelling of the joints Designed by the Arthritis foundation, this class to help increase flexibility and range of motion.

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