dry needling.

Dry Needling

Dry needling offers an alternative treatment option for pain relief and improved muscle movement. The technique uses a small, thin, solid needle inserted through the skin into areas of the muscle known as trigger points.

The goal is to relieve pain locally or referred into another area, and/or to improve range of motion. Dry Needling is one technique that compliments a larger, comprehensive treatment plan. Patients who receive treatment often report immediate pain relief and see an improvement with movement and focus.

Dry Needling with a Professional Physical Therapist

Therapists at Professional who use Dry Needling as a treatment approach are specifically trained in the technique and have met requirements for Dry Needling certification. Ask one of our therapists if this treatment is an appropriate compliment to your physical therapy.

Dry Needling on a patients back.

Dry Needling Can Help:

Relieve pain (chronic and acute)

Improve range and ease of motion

Reduce muscle tension

Relieve headaches

Increase active injury rehabilitation

Improve tissue quality

Decrease reliance on pain killers

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This service is only available at select locations. Contact us to find your nearest location.