gait analysis.

Gait Analysis and Training

Analysis of a patient’s walking and running mechanics can be a valuable tool in the Assessment and Rehabilitation of current injuries as well as the prevention of future injuries.  Gait Analysis may be provided during a patient’s initial evaluation at Professional, and revisited during later sessions to monitor progress.

A Gait Analysis includes the following:

  • Discussion of current and previous training patterns
  • Discussion of current and previous injuries
  • Analysis of strength, flexibility, and balance
  • Analysis of shoe wear patterns
  • Visual analysis of movement patterns during walking and running
  • Breakdown of abnormal or inefficient movement patterns that may be
    contributing factors to acute and chronic injuries

Post-analysis, the patient’s therapeutic exercise program will reflect areas that need to be addressed to ensure optimal recovery and return to activity. This may include abnormalities in gait that occurred due to an injury as well as those that may be contributing factors to an injury.

Photo - Gait training

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Our physical therapists will customize a gait analysis or training plan just for you. We will work in an effective way to get you back on your feet, focused on your wellness during and after therapy.

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