LSVT BIG treatment.

LSVT BIG Treatment

LSVT BIG treatment (Lee Silverman Voice/BIG Treatment) is a program designed to improve motor function and teach people with Parkinson’s Disease to move more normally. As Parkinson’s disease progresses, patients start to lose their ability to walk, talk and complete activities of daily living.

LSVT BIG treatment administered by a trained physical or occupational therapist at Professional can help.


Goals of the program

The goal of LSVT BIG is to improve motor performance and focuses on maximizing movement (“think big, move big”) by therapists. LSVT BIG treatment is a comprehensive therapy program that includes:

General conditioning exercises

Functional training

Gait and balance training

LSVT BIG with a Professional Physical Therapist

Our therapists can offer strategies to safely transfer to and from the bed, in and out of shower and other daily activities. Specifically, research shows that LSVT BIG treatment can lead to faster walking with bigger steps and arm swings, better balance and more ability to twist at the waist.

If you, friend, or family member is affected by Parkinson, one of our certified LSVT BIG therapists at Professional Physical Therapy can help patients learn how to use their bodies more normally and improve quality of life.

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