mulligan concept.

Mulligan manual therapy concept

The Mulligan concept is a unique approach to manual therapy discovered and developed by a New Zealand based physical therapist, Brian Mulligan, PT, F.N.Z.S.P. (Hon), Dip. M.T. Therapists apply this approach with pain free manual joint “repositioning” techniques in order to restore function and remove pain as patient moves through their range of motion.

Mulligan manual therapy being performed on a patient by a physical therapist.

Goals of the therapy

The technique involves Natural Apophyseal Glides (NAGs) and Sustained Natural Apophyseal glides (SNAGs) to treat joint pain and pain arising from muscle injuries. The technique can also be used to reduce soft tissue inflammation, induce relaxation, and improve function.

This treatment can help, but is not limited to patients affected by the following:

Back and neck pain

Ankle pain

Hip pain

Tennis elbow


Mulligan Manual Therapy Concept with a Professional Physical Therapist

If you, friend, or family member are in pain and interested in trying this form of manual therapy, contact Professional Physical Therapy and see one of our therapists trained in the Mulligan treatment techniques.

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