post-operative MACI therapy.

Post-Operative MACI Therapy

The MACI procedure is a surgical intervention performed for the repair of cartilage damage of the adult knee. It stands for Matrix Induced Chondrocyte Implantation and is an FDA-approved regenerative therapy procedure. It uses your own cells to create durable repair tissue for knee cartilage damage.

Professional physical therapist treating a patient for jumper's knee.

Goals of the therapy

The MACI procedure can help you reduce your knee pain, improve functionality, and provide long-lasting results. A MACI procedure helps with cartilage damage in various locations in the knee such as:

Knee cap (patellar defect)

The upper leg component of the knee joint (trochlear defect)

The lateral portion of the leg bone (lateral femoral condyle defect)

Post-Operative MACI Therapy with a Professional Physical Therapist

After undergoing your surgery, you will want to ensure that your physical therapist has the appropriate knowledge for this new and innovative surgery. This will ensure that he/she will correctly strengthen, stretch and load your knee following the most up to date guidelines to ensure optimal healing. Rehabilitation with a MACI certified Physical Therapist is a vital part to ensure the best outcomes after receiving a surgical MACI procedure.

If you, a friend, or family member has undergone the MACI procedure, one of our MACI certified PTs at Professional Physical Therapy will help you properly recover from this specialized surgical treatment and help restore your function so you can get back to the things you enjoy in life!

Start Post-Operative MACI Therapy today.

This service is only available at select locations. Contact us to find your nearest location.

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