schroth method.

The Schroth Method Difference

The Schroth Method is a non-invasive Physical Therapy treatment that focuses on elongating and derotating the scoliotic or kyphotic spine, in an effort to stop/slow curve progression and prevent further spinal deformity.  Using a combination of hands-on treatment, passive corrections of spinal positioning in all three planes (frontal, sagittal and transverse), and active breathing techniques, the Schroth-certified Physical Therapist will aim to improve patients’ posture, eliminate pain, and enhance lung capacity.

A Physical Therapist performing Schroth Method for low back pain treatment.

The Schroth Method Focus:

The Schroth Method focuses on spinal corrections in all three planes of motion, to derotate the spine in the same planes of motion as the deformity, as opposed to traditional treatment which focuses on only one plane of motion at a time.  This more effectively addresses the deformity in an attempt to halt or slow progression

A Physical Therapist at a NYC clinic performing Schroth Method physical therapy.

Treatment Eligibility:

Patients of all ages can receive the Schroth Method, as well as

  • Patients with both two-dimensional and three-dimensional spinal deformities
  • Pre- and post-operative spinal surgery patients
  • Patients who are not eligible for spinal surgery
Schroth method stretching at a physical therapy clinic in New York for scoliosis treatment.

What to Know Before Treatment:

  • Patients should bring a copy of the most recent X-ray on a disc or via cell phone photo of x-ray
  • Wear clothes that can easily display the spine (for females, bikini tops, sports bras, etc.)

Patients should bring their brace, if applicable.


Lindsay Baisley

DPT, Physical Therapist | Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Lindsay Baisley is a physical therapist working primarily out of the Riverhead Professional Physical Therapy location. She specializes in Schroth scoliosis treatment as well as McKenzie Based spine care. Graduated from NYIT in 2013 and has been with the company since March of 2020.

Locations offering Schroth Method

Garden City, NY

Riverhead, NY

Rockville Centre, NY

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