Better than I was before my injury

I was a patient at your Professional office from October to January, and I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the care I received. I worked with Adam Discepolo and Tawna Holt-Gonzalez, and I could not have been more impressed with them. I came to physical therapy eight months after tearing my…
Jenny O.

I had no trouble entering the water

Thanks for everything, my leg was fine in Belize. I had no trouble entering the water, climbing up the ladder or even walking on the beach. I want to thank everyone at Professional PT, you were great!  
Rick G.

I can't believe how thorough & attentive they are

I have been treated at many different physical therapy offices, however, since I came to this office and got introduced to Chris Leona PT & Andy Castillo PTA I can't believe how good, thorough & attentive these 2 therapists are. First they show me how to do the various exercises & stay there…
Harvey Mel W.

Soon I will be able to get rid of my cane!

Thank God for Professional Physical Therapy. After suffering a stroke, I was left with left side hemiparesis. I've been to other outpatient therapy sites but after two weeks of going to Professional I could see results. Special thank you to Zach for pushing me and having more faith in me than I do myself.…
Michelle B.

Could not have made it to South Africa without the expert treatment!

Last autumn I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. I was having pains from my lower back which radiated down both legs as well. My PCP prescribed Physical Therapy and through word-of-mouth, I heard positive feedback about Professional Physical Therapy which is literally several blocks…
Kenn A.

Thank you very much

"My husband and I finished the Louisiana marathon together in 5:21. We both came down with the flu the Friday before, so we were pretty miserable running (which accounts for our bad time), but we finished and my knee actually did pretty well, so thank you! It's sore, but not miserable and I can walk.…
Elisabeth M.

Wonderful Staff!

I would just like to let you know that you have a wonderful staff. Each and everyone at this place goes out of their way to help and make you feel very comfortable. They all work together and help each other. Michele [Aliani] is my P/T. She makes me work hard, but I know it's all for my own good.…
Laura P.

You saved my knee

Hey Jeff!! I just wanted to let you know I am SO thankful to you and the staff at PPT. My leg/knee are doing great (knock on wood) and I ran the half marathon in Disney with NO issues! I did take a few walk breaks per your instructions but everything is feeling fine! Thanks again, you saved my knee…
Allison A.

For Thanksgiving This Year, I Am Giving My Thanks to the Both of You!

Mauricio and Quan, Today I woke up sore and although this is something most people would complain about, I was ecstatic because it was the first time since my surgery that I felt soreness from working out(must have been the squats). It reminded me of how I use to feel after an intense boot camp class.…

The race medal that you made it possible for me to earn

This summer Jane Berman treated me for an angry popliteal muscle in my right knee. All along, my goal was to continue training for the NYC Marathon and to be able to race it in the fall. You were awesome and fixed my injury and I was able to train the way I wanted to. This past Sunday, I finished…

I can feel myself in my body again

I consider it to be a stroke of luck for me to arrive at 72nd street professional physical therapy. I've been in therapy for many years. Pre-operation and then after a failed operation due to spinal stenosis. I am most appreciative of the high quality service I receive from Dr. Mark Lusk. I am also astonished…
Keele J.

I was very satisfied

I was very satisfied with Sheena's care and attention to specifically diagnosing and suggesting a treatment plan for my injury.
Janice M.