Cared about my recovery

I wanted to let you know that Antonios Kambouris did a great job with my 5 month shoulder Physical Therapy. He was very professional, extremely, knowledgeable, and very caring. He and Kwanasia cared about my recovery and that I didn't overdo it. Tony lead a great team, including Kue, Gus, Andrew (plus…
Frank Florio

Incredibly knowledgeable, easy-going and systematic

The entire staff at Professional Physical Therapy worked both attentively and conscientiously to facilitate significant recovery for my surgically repaired shoulder. I felt very comfortable with the pace and approach of the staff, and especially appreciated the 1-1 attention they provided. Throughout…
R. Astree

I am amazed at the quick results

I lead a very active lifestyle, playing tennis as much as 5 times a week, and working out in the gym. Due to over use, and to a physical defect in my shoulder, I began to experience terrible pain and was unable to play tennis, or perform many of my usual daily activities. It also affected my sleep. I…
Sharon Levy

Professional Physical Therapy gets an A Plus on skill, concern, and quality care

Robert and the Professional Physical Therapy Team gets an A Plus on skill, concern, and quality care. I believe my course of treatment will prove to be an alternative to shoulder surgery. Feel free to share this information, to encourage others to take advantage of Professional Physical Therapy's excellent…

I Feel Like I Can Finally Use My Shoulder Again

After working with Maurizio at Professional Physical Therapy 77th Street, I feel like I can finally use my shoulder again. It's been just shy of seven years since I was last able to lift my arm without pain or dislocation. After years of denial followed by two surgeries within 16months for repeated tears…
Caroline L.

Completely restored range of motion

Dear Ron and Crystal, I wanted to write and thank each of you and your respective team members in Wall St and Roslyn for working with me since June of 2011 to help me in the recovery of my shoulder injury. I couldn't have recovered without your help, guidance, advice, time and effort. As you know,…
Jon F.

By far one of my best experiences

I used to work in a hospital and have had my own different experiences with Physical Therapy personally. By far this was one of my best experiences. After a year living with a frozen shoulder, I needed very aggressive therapy which I was not getting at a previous physical therapy practice. From day…
Merle Weinstein

No team I'd trust more

Dear Tony, Thank you so much for your care, advice, and support as I tried to rehab my labral tear over the past several months. I decided not to have the surgery next week-- it's just too stressful with the professional transition I'm undergoing-- but I will likely do it some time down the line when…
Nicole Cirino

Made me feel very comfortable

I had a wonderful experience at your facility in Whitestone Queens. Christopher Leona was my therapist. I was very happy with the treatment that I was given and I am feeling so much better. He was very friendly professional and made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend your service.
Tina lynch

Excellent and very professional care

Sir / madam I was a patient at your Utopia Parkway location for 9 months.  I was getting physiotherapy to treat a broken shoulder which my doctor said would be problematic for the rest of my life. Thanks to the great service I received at your establishment, I am feeling great and my injured arm…
Tony McLoughlin

Whole team was fantastic

"I went to Professional Therapy in SoHo (552 Broadway, NYC) and was very happy with my ten sessions. Not only did they turn out to be very helpful to improve my tendinitis condition, but the whole team, under the supervision of Mr. Ohi Aregbeyen, the Clinical Director, was fantastic. The space was beautiful,…
Isabelle Duchesne

I Am So Thankful

I am so thankful for the care and expertise of Frank Hoeffner at Professional PT. In only 9 months following a SLAP IV lesion and bicep tenodesis, I have been able to resume all of my normal activities (CrossFit, weightlifting, etc.) and have even participated in competition completely pain-free. Due…
Olivia Rivera

This is the dream team!

I found Professional inadvertently. I was looking for a different facility. Best mistake ever. A huge THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING STAFF: 1) Melanie at the front desk who always greets you warmly, books the appointment and takes care of your medical insurance. (Which we all know is a very difficult job!…
Susan M. Gentile

I make progress every day

"Mr. Wong - A million thanks for the kindness and caring of your staff at Professional Physical Therapy! Each person is skilled, sensitive, and successful in helping me recover from a fractured clavicle. They call me by name and stay with me, encouraging me as I deal with the challenges. I make progress…
Alma Kalb

Got me back into fighting shape!

A big thank you to Rob Berghorn, CT, Melanie, James, Michelle, Dara, Tiffany, Haley, Chris, Paul, and Josh. I hope l didn't miss someone. These awesome therapists and interns made rehab enjoyable and they got me back into fighting shape! I am truly grateful!
Stephen Ramirez

They help me with genuine concern for my full recovery

I'm about 8 weeks into my physical therapy with the PT team at Equinox in Grand Central Station, recovering from a bad subscapularis tear to my right shoulder. The team at Professional PT led by Joe Trani are phenomenal! They're knowledgeable, professional, personable, and invested in my recovery. I'm…
Bill Common

My Physical Therapist is a Miracle Worker

My Physical therapist, Christina Ciccione, is a miracle worker. Feeling back to normal again and she made it happen. She was right on on how to treat me and got rid of my spasms and pain in hip area. Christina, thank you!!!
Maria Markovina

High Level of Professionalism & Expertise

I am an active archery competitor and have a torn rotator cuff. I would like to commend Jason Blum and Carrie for the vast improvement in my condition. The therapy which they've applied and the exercises recommended have been very effective. They have demonstrated a very high level of professionalism…
Lewis Barbera

I have never experienced such rewarding sentiments before and I want to thank you all

To Whom It May Concern: Too often people, organizations, businesses, etc. receive negative or disapproving letters about their services and unfortunately too few share positive experiences, results and satisfaction for services rendered. The purpose of this letter is to do the latter because the…

I would wholeheartedly recommend this PT team

I have just finished PT for my frozen shoulder. When I started in January, my range of motion was extremely limited, and it was very painful to move my arm certain ways. I had actually been going to another PT before arriving at Professional, but wasn't making any progress at all. My doctor suggested…
Nessa Mulligan

Regained my range of motion

I’ve always been an active person and I have traveled extensively for work and play. When not working either at home or away, I ride motorcycles, ski, SCUBA and hike. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am not one who can remain idle for very long. Late one evening in January of…
Michael Crespo

Professional, highly competent, & very friendly

I have just completed about 7 months of twice a week physical therapy at the Soho location. I have successful "graduated," in the sense that my problem has been resolved. The services I received through that entire time were professional, highly competent, and very friendly. This is true of the entire…
Tom Grunfeld

Mike Katzburg and his team

Mike Katzburg and his team did a superb in treating my right shoulder for a frozen shoulder and a rotator cuff tear. At every visit during the more than seven months of treatment, Mike was the consummate professional in listening to my complaints, assessing the situation and formulating a superb treatment…
Irv Hirsch

So patient & always willing to listen

I had a great experience at Professional Physical Therapy. When I came to PT, I was in a lot of pain, suffering headaches and pain/tension in my neck and back. Vito listened carefully to my symptoms, conducted a thorough examination and developed a treatment plan based on current research and proven…
Jenna Petronglo