Steer Clear of Game Day Disasters

Steer Clear of Game Day Disasters

As a fan or party-goer, Super Bowl Sunday may sound like a relaxing day spent on the couch or indulging in snacks. After all, you’re not the one on the field fighting for the Championship. In the action or not, injuries can happen in the most unexpected of times.

Stick to these game day prevention tips and stay clear of the disabled list:

You want to see if you can predict the outcome with a pre-game
match-up on Madden
Think staying off the field keeps you from sustaining mid-game injuries? Spending hours on a video game controller may just cause bilateral thumb tendinitis. Stretch your wrist flexors between plays to keep fingers from cramping.

Forget the game, your only concern is how many snacks you can
fit on one plate
Fight inflammation and ease minor aches by sticking to foods rich in Vitamin E, lycopene, or antioxidants. Some vegetable such as tomatoes or garlic are even more proactive cooked or chopped. Bring on the salsa & chili!

You CAN’T BELIEVE the call that ref just made
Clear the path to the TV if you’re a hot head when it comes to sports! The only thing worse than your team blowing the lead, is sulking with stubbed or broken toes.

Your team just scored the winning touchdown!
Before leaping in the air with excitement, keep Bill Gammatica in mind. An ACL tear will quickly ruin the excitement of winning the big game.

Joe Trani

Joe Trani, MSPT, ATC

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