I admire the profound professionalism and competence

I admire the profound professionalism and competence of Nick Hondros. I am his patient in Kew Gardens. As soon as I stepped into the unit, he made me feel at home. There is some kind of personal touch in the way he deals with all his patients, caring with kindness and concern. This is very important because whatever a person feels whether in pain or with physical disability there is a psychological impact on one self. If there is somebody with all these traits who is helping you out in every way he can to make you feel better half of the healing process has been accomplished. I also admire Josh who teams up with Nick. He is also doing a great job. They can be funny sometimes and that’s what we need as patients. I have to mention Orlando who is also attentive to my needs during my exercises and the ladies at the desk Brenda and Anna and another one who are accommodating and pleasant. I would like to thank everyone who helps me and assist me in every way they can. I will definitely recommend Professional Physical Therapy in Kew Gardens. Keep up the good work guys!