Introducing the new and easy way to find your nearest location!

Simply text* your 5-digit zip code to:

844 680 MYPT (6978)
For Physical Therapy

844 886 MYHT (6948)
For Hand Therapy

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*Standard message and data rates may apply. By participating, you consent to receive text messages sent by Professional Physical Therapy.

So easy to use …


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Q. Will I be charged for the text, phone call or the Internet?
A. Based on your specific data plan, standard text messaging rates may apply.

Q: What will happen if I dial the phone number?
A. You will hear a recording that says the number only accepts text messages.

Q. How long should it take for a response to appear on my phone?
A. The response time may vary based on where you are, whether you are on WIFI and your carrier. It may take up to 30 seconds to appear.

Q. How many zip codes can I enter?
A. You can enter one zip code per text message. But, feel free to text the number with different zip codes as often as you like.

Q. What happens when two clinics have the same zip code?
A. Both clinics will appear.

Q. Why does one location appear before another?
A. The program calculates the distance from the location of the zip code. Some variation may occur based on your actual location.

Q. Will my phone number be used for any promotional marketing?
A. We will not use your information for any additional purpose. This is an auto-response tool. To review the Terms and Conditions, visit