Why We’re Thankful for PT: 10 Real Patient Stories

Why We’re Thankful for PT: 10 Real Patient Stories

By Professional Physical Therapy

November is a wonderful time to see colorful leaves fall, perfect to break out your cozy sweaters and to eat pumpkin flavored everything. It is also a great month to reflect on what we are thankful for. And at Professional PT we want to acknowledge how grateful we are for the hardworking physical therapists that show up every day to provide the best possible care to their patients.

So, in the spirit of thankfulness, we would like to share a collection of Professional PT patient stories that highlights the many ways PTs have made a difference in the lives of their patients.

“Gavin was much more than a Physical Therapist; rather he was both a cheerleader and an unyielding voice when called for, an analyst, and a designer for new plans for my difficult recovery. After more than 4 more months (3 times per week), I’ve completed my treatment and can now look forward to returning to my life. As a retired English teacher, I observe through the lens of an educator. And that is exactly what I witnessed when assessing the care I got from my PT, as well as the care of the other patients around me.”

Mark: Hewlett, NY


“The kind and thoughtful care that our PTs, Athena, Kalie, David, and Lisa gave us was exceptional and my wife and I are grateful for their help in healing our injuries. Their kindness and professionalism especially showed through in the treatment of my wife, Sherry.

Sherry has Alzheimer’s and has trouble remembering the exercise that she was doing after the first few repetitions. Her PT did such a great job providing the extra help that she needed without affecting my treatment and the other patients in the room. The PT did it all with a smile never revealing what a pain a patient with special needs can be. She thought of you all as her new friends. Thank you for everything!”

George: Greenvale, NY

“I just want to write and express my profound gratitude to the PTs at the Centerville office. They have supported me through an arduous journey. Paige has been outstanding. It has been a long and difficult road post-surgery. She knew something in my hip was not right and did her best to communicate that with my surgeon. Unfortunately, he did not listen to her. I had a second opinion with a different surgeon, and he confirmed Paige was right all along. There was a problem in my hip joint that needed surgery. I will be returning to the Centerville office for rehab and look forward to working with Paige and her team. They are a great team and I recommend them to anyone I know.”

Melissa: Centerville, MA

“My son is a professional athlete. He tore his ACL, was operated on, and went to Pro PT Franklin Square. His therapist was Fritz Petit-Frere. My son was back in a professional fight under the lights in Manhattan exactly 4 months after his surgery. That’s incredible! That is usually a 6 month or more rehab.

I am a NYC Firefighter for well over 30 years. I’ve been banged up numerous times in my career. In April, I suffered some bad injuries at a fire in Queens. Injured my neck, shoulder, and knee. Because my son had so much success, I also decide to go to Pro PT. Mark Minei was my therapist. He formulated a special program taking into consideration my complicated injuries. Now my neck feels pretty good and my shoulder surgery requiring 6 anchors is coming faster than expected. My surgeon at the Hospital for special surgery is very happy with the progress I made with my PT. So am I.”

Jimmy: Franklin Square, NY

“I’m writing to praise my physical therapist, Nicole. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and has a willingness to go above and beyond to help the patient. I was moved by her genuine concern for me and her belief that I would get better. Knowing the difficulty of adapting to video therapy during a pandemic.

Thank you to my PT for the encouragement you gave to help me through the difficulties of pain during the pandemic.”

Shuwen: Princeton, NJ

“I finally got back out on my kayak for the first time since my surgery, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate being able to do it. My PT really helped me not only to heal from my injury but to kick me back into gear for health and wellness. I’m still a little soft in the middle, but I’ve kept up with weights and yoga and in just under a year I went for a 20-mile paddle yesterday and the most painful part was the sunburn. Thank you, thank you.

Bobby: Copiague, NY

“My progress has been remarkable. I’ve gone from not being able to put my hands on my hips to an almost full range of motion. My PT not only helped with the physical gains, but her bedside manner was also great. I avoided surgery, for which I’m incredibly grateful. I really couldn’t be happier. With my shoulder recovery, I’m once again a whack-a-mole champ; you should see the stuffed animal we brought home from Rehoboth!”

Wendy: Westfield, NJ

Stu was recovering from hand surgery and back pain and was seen by OT, Heather Mitchell, and PT’s Glenn and John from our Melville location. Bob is recovering from right rotator cuff repair and worked with PT, Nick Vitale, in Smithtown.

Stu and Bob are friends and competitive bowlers that needed a way to safely get back on the lanes. Their PTs at Professional were able to customize a treatment plan that worked for both of them. Both men are all smiles and thankful for the wonderful OTs and PTs. They say, “We’re happy to be back bowling in our leagues without pain.”

Bob and Stu: Smithtown/Melville, NY

“I strained my upper right calf muscle while training for the NYC Marathon back in October. I thought the individual attention I got from my therapist and specific exercise used to treat my injury were very important to my healing and recovery. I am completely 100% recovered and have now resumed my running and road racing hobby!”

Hugo: Wycoff, NJ

“David Melchiorri has been my Physical Therapist for many years, off and on, due to extensive surgeries, involving cancer resulting in a mastectomy, reconstruction and most recently a Latissimus Flap surgery. David has helped the hand of God to bring me through the most difficult times in my life of recovery. There have been multiple surgeries, through each one I was able to gain strength, and mobility with his help.”

La’Que Duren: Waltham, MA

As a patient at Professional Physical Therapy, you can expect an individualized recovery plan no matter what your goals are, using the most state-of-the-art technology and practices to get you back to enjoying life. If you’re in need of physical therapy or wish to consult with our skilled physical therapists, visit Professional Physical therapy.

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